Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weigh in Tuesday

As dubbed by my best friend Jawnell, today is Weigh in Tuesday. Sadly, my scale is broken. It's just reading an error message. :( I've contacted the company who say it was probably defective and they are sending me a new one. In the meantime, since I can't weigh myself this morning, I whipped out the measuring tape and I measured. I wasn't expecting much but I wanted to at least do something! I was surprised with the results!

Arm: start 16 in now 15 in
Chest: start 54.5 in now 52 in
Waist: start 60 in now 57 in
Hips: start 57 in now 57 in
Thigh: start 30.5 in now 29.5 in

Exciting!! I'm dying to know if I'm under 300!! I'll try to find a scale ASAP!


  1. Wow! 7.5" in two weeks is a great change!! I can't wait to hear the official number! If you have a YMCA near you, they usually have scales in the changeroom!!

  2. Good job, lady!!!! That is so awesome!!