Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 2, here we go!

When in doubt and starving.... Have egg whites for your lean protein. I had a cup and a half (!!) of egg whites, with a vegetarian sausage patty crumbled in, and with mushrooms and zucchini yummmmmy! It made a big ol heaping bowlful and now I feel like I ate a huge meal, but still ate healthy! Best of both worlds!

Aunt Flo is still with me, *grumble* I hope she takes a hike soon. The last few days, I've been feeling super bloated and (icky!) gassy. Like there are constant bubbles in my tummy. I'm sure it's my digestive tract adjusting to all the soy, but in the meantime I stopped at the pharmacy tonight and with the pharmacist's recommendation, bought some Beano. It says directly on the box it helps digest soy and high fiber veggies, so fingers crossed it helps me! I feel like I've gained all the weight back just in bloat. EW.

Today I modified, and placed my new medifast order. I'm very excited that the next box of food delivered to me will be filled with things I look forward to eating all day, not just things that leave me choosing the lesser of two evils everyday ;) I really am very glad that there are several things in the medifast line that I enjoy. It will make these coming months much more enjoyable. =]

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