Saturday, October 13, 2012

The week is flying by!

Tomorrow is day 6 already! This week is going pretty fast. Everything is still going well. Yesterday I tried two soups and they weren't too bad! I like savory things better than sweet things anyhow, so I like having those options. Besides the pudding, I've found that the only things I really don't like are the puffs or bites... Ick. I won't be ordering those again.

I was late having my lean and green meal tonight and I was feeling pretty hungry and weak-ish. I'm not doing a very good job of sticking to the meal plan lol. Tonight the plan was to have spaghetti squash and buffalo meatballs. I had no patience to make that tonight. In fact I had no patience to make anything at all. So my sweet hubby sent me to the bedroom to relax and he fixed me grilled shrimp, steamed cauliflower and a salad again. DELICIOUS!

The thing that I've noticed the most the last few days, is the difference between feeling satisfied and feeling stuffed to the seams. I'm realizing it was my habit to eat until I was too full to eat anymore. Measuring my portions carefully and only eating what's on my plate makes a huge difference. You know that ughhhh 'eww fooood babyyy' feeling you get after overeating? I don't feel that anymore. I feel lighter, and have more energy. And the best part is I get to eat again 2.5 hours later :) I think this is a good step for me. I can't wait (but I'm still nervous) until weigh in on Tuesday morning! Yay!

Chicken and wild rice soup with a few pieces of grilled chicken in it.

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