Friday, October 12, 2012

My before picture, and day 4 disaster.

I've been excited/dreading taking my "before" pictures. Excited because I will only see myself change, but dreading because I hate seeing myself now. Nevertheless, it's part of the process, so here we are.

This morning was a fiasco. I decided I wanted to bring my lean and green to lunch with me today (I'm not sticking to the meal plan at all lol. Whoops) so I got up early to cook my frozen chicken breast on my little George Forman grill. Bad idea... Next time I need to thaw the chicken first, as it burned the top before the middle was done. Oh well. I'll eat it a little charred. Then I completely forgot about my pine nuts in the oven and burned those to a crisp, setting off the smoke alarm and agitating the dogs. When I thought nothing else could go wrong, I realized the can opener was broken and I couldn't open the can of sliced black olives to use as my healthy fats. Geeeez. So I decided to have a wedge of laughing cow light in addition to my breakfast to replace one healthy fat, and I'll have another as my before bed snack. Yikes. Oh well. Deep breath lol


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