Saturday, October 20, 2012

Temptations & Uterus Melting

Today, we helped our great friends Patrick and Krysi move into their new (first) home. I am so happy for them! It's a great house that they can grow their little family into. My job was to babysit their adorable 14 month old son Logan so the boys could do the heavy lifting.That being said, I needed my medifast meals today to be extremely fast and easy. I had hot cocoa for breakfast and brought along 4 bars for the rest of the day. I normally limit myself to 2 bars per day to have a little variety in my eating, but today I really did need it to be quick and easy. Logan and I had the best time. I cuddled him for three hours while he slept, we danced, tickled and laughed bunches, and explored his new house. He is such a happy little soul, his smile and laughter is infectious.

His lovely mama got home in the early evening while Aaron and Patrick kept moving the heavy stuff, and since there was literally no food in the house, Krysi was so sweet and considerate and asked if it would be rude of her to order takeout. I decided at the start of this journey that MY issues with my diet would absolutely not deter anyone else to do what they pleased. It was very sweet of her to ask, and I told her it would not bother me. She went to pick up Chinese food, and the silly girl was eating behind the corner in the kitchen. I invited her to come sit with me and told her she didn't need to hide. Her plate looked delicious, with rice and noodles and everything I miss, and smelled heavenly as well, but that voice in my head said no and I flipped a switch that turned it off. I was flirting with the thought of being tempted for a second, but it didn't last long. I am glad, because later in the evening when I came home, I was rewarded with a delicious diet approved meal that I felt great about. Three servings of roasted veggies, (mushrooms, zucchinis, and asparagus) a 4 oz grilled chicken breast, and 2 vegetarian sausage patties to make up the protein for my small chicken. Oh and of course a wedge of laughing cow light for my healthy fat. It was amazingly delicious!

We left their house at about 8:30 pm and by then little Logan was pretty tired. When he realized we were about ready to say goodbye, he got very sad and started to cry and launched himself at me. I gave him hugs and kisses and tried handing him back to his parents, but he was sobbing and fighting to stay in my arms. Can you say heartbreak and uterus melting?!?! It took about 10 minutes to detach him from me and get his attention onto something else. But he noticed when we tried to sneak out and he started to cry and chase after me. I almost cried too. I could still hear him through the front door as we walked to the car. <\3 Needless to say, my maternal clock was ticking so loudly I could barely think, but the one thought that did make it through was, I have to keep going and stay strong so I can have my own baby sooner than later. Oy. Rough goodbye, little Logan, rough goodbye. But see you soon <3

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  1. That dinner looks amazing! How do you season your veggies and chicken?