Friday, October 26, 2012

My new food is here!

Oh happy day! Just when it was time to eat, and I was dreading swallowing down fruit punch (blargh!), the UPS man appeared at the door! He was carrying the box of all the yummy new foods I ordered. Now I can start working the not so great tasting stuff in with the things I like, and make it a little less painful! As I sit here typing, I am enjoying honey mustard pretzels, and by enjoy, I really do mean enjoy =) Finding things you like makes it easier. But honestly, it's not even hard anymore. It was never really ever hard to begin with. I think I was very fortunate to have an easy transition. Once my mind was made up, and I was ready, there was no looking back. It was not an option.

 My Mom made me realize the other night, that we are very much alike in that aspect. She quit drinking pretty suddenly, after making up her mind in 2003. She is coming up on 10 years sober in March of '13. (I AM SO PROUD OF YOU MAMAN!) We make up our minds, and that's it. It's the Marinier blood in us ;)

At the very beginning, Trinity told me, "It's not about the food. The food is only a tool." When you're used to eating like I used to, you don't truly understand. 2.5 weeks in and 10.7 lbs down, I totally get it now. Yes, it's nice when things taste good, but really, the only reason that food is going in is to keep you well nourished on your weight loss journey. Regardless, I'm glad I like things! :D

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