Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yummy recipe, but feeling sick

Thank you Pinterest! Homemade turkey sausage stuffed zucchini! It turned out a little dry because I didn't follow the recipe exactly (it called for mixing the turkey with ricotta cheese) but it was still very tasty. I don't think the zucchinis were large enough, hence not hollow enough, but it was still delicious anyway!

I started being sick today :( a cold with a sore throat and drippy nose. I'm hoping it won't stick around too long. I was just talking to Trinity today and explaining how I feel like this week was crappy. I've been bloated from my period, now sick, and (tmi) I've been super constipated with tons of gas in my belly :( Soooo uncomfortable. The Beano doesn't seem to be helping. I think I need to make sure I'm drinking all my water, that will help. And get back to the gym when I'm feeling better. Sigh. I don't know why, but I'm not expecting much from the scale this Tuesday. I've missed a few medifast meals because I've been eating too late in the morning etc... Oh well. Next week is a brand new week! Entering month two Tuesday! Wow!!

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