Friday, November 9, 2012

A working dinner

Hanging out at Bruno's tonight with my hubby and puppies. We are working/watching the hockey game :) I went home to pick them up and made myself dinner at the same time so I could take it back with me. This is my first attempt at a little batch stir fry since starting and I really enjoyed it! I found some 98% fat free pre-grilled chicken breast strips by Tyson at Safeway the other day. I decided to give them a try despite the fact that they were a little higher in sodium. If I plan my meal carefully while using them, I can definitely stay within the sodium regulation. They are very tasty and very easy and convenient. I definitely recommend them. I put them on top of salads and I used them in this stir fry with mushrooms, zucchini, and green cabbage. Mmmm. I love cabbage. I've missed it. I'll be using more of it soon :)

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