Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Goals, and more changes!

When I started Take Shape for Life in October, I made monthly goals for myself in a facebook group, and I realized I hadn't shared them on my blog... They are simple, easy and realistic goals that I knew I could achieve, and I have! Yay! In October, my goal was to simply drink all of my water each day. About a gallon and half daily. There might have been a few days in that month when I was a few ounces short, but for the most part I was at goal or beyond each day. :) It's not too difficult for me, I love water!! My November goal, I wasn't sure if I could achieve, but I have and I couldn't be more excited!! My goal was to fit in a size smaller jeans. Around week 5, the jeans that I was wearing when I first started started sagging. If I wasn't careful and walked or wiggled too fast, they started falling right off! I was constantly pulling them up and it started getting really annoying! During week 6, I decided to try on smaller jeans I had in my drawer. I hadn't worn those in almost 8 months. They were too tight and gave me a very unattractive stomach bulge, so I that's when I got the bigger ones. I couldn't believe it when I tried them on. They fit like a glove! I kept digging, and it turns out that I  have several pairs of pants that fit now! Some of those pants haven't been worn since 2010. A few days later, I realized i weigh less now that I did in the summer of 2010! I am so excited! Yesterday, while trying to figure out what to wear to Thanksgiving, I rummaged in the back of my closet where I keep all of my smaller clothes. I pulled out a few sweaters that were given to me for Christmas a few years ago that never really fit well, and that's when I realized I've gone down a shirt size as well! 3X is much too big now, and all of the 2X sweaters that I have fit perfectly! That was REALLLLLY fun and encouraging. :) I can't wait to have more moments like this! Now to come up with a December goal... hmmm.

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