Friday, November 2, 2012

It's the little things

Last night I decided to paint my short stubby little nails. I've always been a nail biter, my whole life. Stress, habit, whatever the case was, I've always done it since I was little. The only time I was ever able to grow them out by pure will and determination was for my wedding in 2009. I had a lovely natural French manicure that I loved, and then a month later hockey season started and that was that lol.

When I started medifast, I knew I wanted to grow out my nails as part of my transformation. At first, I told myself I should definitely wait a few months. Because how hard would it be to give up two such addictive habits, eating junk and chewing my nails, at the same time, right?? The last few days I've caught myself consciously trying to stop myself when I started. I figured it was the sign that I was ready! So last night I searched high and low in my reject cosmetic bin lol and found 2 very old bottles of polish. It was goopy and tacky and hard to apply, but even after just doing that, I felt 100 times cuter!

If I can make it a week without chewing, I'll go buy myself a new bottle of polish. If I can make it a month, I will (inspired by my bestie Jawnell) go get a shellac manicure with adorable nail art. :) I'm so excited! I can do this!!

It really is the little things...

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