Monday, September 16, 2013

Here we go again!

Although I am sick and feeling absolutely miserable, today is the day. Today is my second chance, my second "Day One".
I started the medifast plan again, and I'm determined to reach my goal :)

The first day went very well. This time around, I know just what I like to eat and it's easy to go right back into it. My wonderful hubby is joining me in eating healthy dinners, so it's fun to cook for both of us :) Tonight, I made grilled chicken, sautéed garlic broccoli, and salad! It was delicious! 

I weighed in this morning, so from now on, I will have weigh in Mondays. Fresh start, fresh new day! Here we go!


Starting Weight: 279.2 lbs
Current Weight: 279.2 lbs
Weekly Loss: 0 lbs
Total Loss (since beginning): 28.3 lbs 

My new starting picture 

I'm really looking forward to getting into shape again. Just as soon as I can breathe, I'll be going to the gym :) 

I'm very excited to begin anew. I can do this! 

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