Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cheater cheater, pizza eater.

So... This week wasn't so good. It was mostly fine until today. Except that I wasn't having all of my medifast meals, so I wasn't eating enough. On top of that I swam everyday, which is great, but I always ended up with too few calories. The scale wasn't moving, understandably, (too few calories can put you into starvation mode abs your body hangs on to everything) and I got frustrated. Fast forward to today. We met a friend for lunch and I said screw it and had a burger for lunch. Then we came home late and I had nothing I thawed so we had pizza. Bad idea. Not only do I feel guilty, my stomach is very upset. I'm very frustrated with myself. :( Not expecting a loss Monday. A gain if anything. Ugh. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day. 

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