Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Here we go again

I had a bit of trouble being able to access this blog as I didn't remember the password for so long! Glad I'm here now. 

Well, today is day 3 at another pass at medifast. I don't really feel like going into huge details about my recent medical history, but all of you reading should know what I've been through lately. It hasn't been an easy transition, but I think for the most part, I'm going uphill. The growth hormone is supposed to help with weight loss. It hasn't had any effect so far, so I thought that since I am feeling a tad better, it's high time I helped it along. 

So far things have been ok. It's getting back into the swing of things and waiting for more energy to kick in that's going to take some time. I'm not being nearly as anal retentive as last time though, so I think that's a good thing. I think lol. 
I probably will post my weekly weigh ins in here, but not too much more at first. I'm going to try to take it a little more low key this time as far as sharing. Maybe putting a little less pressure on myself will aid to my success? I'm not sure. That's just my feelings right now, things may change. 

If I've shared this link with you, it's because you've been a part of my story. Whether you're going through something similar and are an inspiration, or you were cheering me on last time. Feel free to check back any time you feel like. 

Much loves, 

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