Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weigh In Tuesday

I am really slacking about writing in my blog except for on Tuesdays. I've had many awesome small victories lately, but I feel like I share everything on Facebook, so I don't need to share it on here... Regardless. I should start doing more blogging. It might keep me a little more accountable. I'll admit I've been slacking off a little these last two weeks. I know how important it is to eat my 5 medifast meals everyday, but lately, I've only had about two per day and supplementing with low carb veggies and fat free dressing. I also have been slacking on my water intake. My pink water bottle is no longer usable (I used it so much it got gross!!) so I have to find another one I like. I know that's not an excuse, but it's really been hindering it. I don't really know where the slacking off is coming from? Maybe I got too comfortable in my routine and slowly just dropped it? Too much stress? Either way. I need to refocus. I think when I have some spare time tomorrow I'll read some medifast success stories on their website. That oughta do it.

Speaking of stress.... 4 days ago, my darling hubby found out he was being laid off from his job. That erases and restructures our entire spending budget. Mainly that we don't have much of one anymore. I was worried about when it came time to re order more medifast. Fortunately, my awesome friend Brittney who was doing medifast also, was a blessing at just the right time. She sadly discovered after a few months on the program that it was upsetting her stomach and she wanted to change her diet. It was too late for her to return her meals, so she so very generously donated all of her remaining stock. Which was A LOT! Thank you Britt, I am very grateful! I won't have to worry about that part of life for a while, which is amazing :) I have every faith and confidence in her that she will continue on the path to health with a different method!

Alright. Enough jabbering and now the results :)


Starting Weight: 307.5 lbs
Current Weight: 263.8 lbs
Weekly Loss: 2 lbs
Total Loss: 43.7 lbs

And I just realized I was confused on my weeks! I am starting week 14 today and I thought I was starting week 13. Which means I am a week late for taking my hoodie experiment photo! I will do that when I get home :)

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