Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weigh In Tuesday

Woohoo! Better week this week after several awesome workouts! On Sunday I went to a trampoline park with my cousin and a friend! I can't believe how much fun it was. It's a facility with wall to wall trampolines connecting so you just go nuts and jump everywhere! So much fun!! And also, I can't believe how sore I am from it! My obliques and abs and back muscles are in shock! Hehe! It's awesome! I definitely want to go again :)


Starting Weight: 307.5 lbs
Current Weight: 248.8 lbs
Weekly Loss: 2.6 lbs
Total Loss: 58.7

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the 240s! I just dropped below 230 for the first time in years... You're gonna pass me soon! Good job!