Saturday, September 29, 2012

What it is

For my friends and family members who have asked me what the Take Shape for Life program is, let me enlighten you :)

Good things come in threes, and TSFL is no exception. Your free personal Health Coach (a professional weight-loss Coach), the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan (for healthy weight loss), and the Habits of Health System (for a lifetime of good health) are three of the best gifts you can give yourself. Together, they lead to the healthy weight control that helps you Take Shape For Life.

Weight Loss

Lose weight safely and quickly—up to 2-5 lbs a week—with the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan, featuring medically formulated, nutritious, and delicious meal replacements by Medifast.
You'll choose five Medifast Meals each day, one every 2-3 hours. Because you eat frequently, you're never hungry, and your metabolism stays revved. Many Medifast Meals are portable, so you can fit this diet into even the busiest lifestyle.

You also get one Lean & Green Meal to eat at the time that works best for you. For the Lean, you'll have 5-7 ounces of lean protein; the Green is two servings of low-glycemic vegetables. Depending on your source of protein, you'll get some healthy fat, too, and that will help keep you full and satisfied.
While Medifast Meals are delicious and nutritionally sound, don't think that you'll be committed to meal replacements forever. The 5 & 1 Plan is just the first phase of our program. In the Transition phase, you'll begin to add more fruits, vegetables, and protein. And on Maintenance, you're ready. Optimal Health is yours!

That is the basic gist of it! I will post in a lot more detail about the meal replacements and what I think of them, as well as what I am eating as my lean and green meal. My friend and family member Trinity will be my health coach. She has been an inspiration so far!! Having gone through the program herself and obtaining and amazing transformation is really what convinced me that this program really works. You just need determination, and like they say, Optimal Health is yours! :)

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